HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


52 Acre’s

2000 – 2012


HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.




52 Acre’s


2000 – 2012

What We Can Offer

Having strongly felt the vital need for professional delivery with clear understanding of the intricacy of a landscape design and its sensitivities on dimensions and levels, for overall effect and the existing huge gap between designing and execution, we created a separate landscape project execution team which offers a total comprehensive landscape execution and development with a dedicated team comprising of Senior Civil & Structural Engineers, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Horticulturists, etc.,

Thus, we offer our services as a comprehensive package which are highly interlinked for all landscape development needs such as,

  • All Civil and Structural works for Hardscape
  • Hardscape finishing works
  • Hydro Mechanical work with Automation for Water Scapes & Pools
  • Automated irrigation systems
  • Landscape Lighting works
  • Decking, carpentry works, etc.,
  • Metal & Mural works
  • Sculpture & art works

Hardscape Works

SGM plays a pioneer role in the hardscape needs of landscape revolution with proven & scientific work methodologies which is adopted as a standard protocol by the industry, clients, consultants, etc. Our hardscape finishes are known for the meticulous detailing with an In-house team through detailed shop drawings, value engineering of designs suit to site/ Design Intent.

We undertake all External development works including Compound wall, Storm water system, Road works, Gates, all Civil & Structural works for hardscape features, Pools, Water bodies, Canopies, Pavilions, etc.

All finishing works involving a wide range of materials with any kind of Natural Stones & Tiles, Metal, Painting, Washed concrete/ Pebble works, etc.

All allied hardscape works such as Water Proofing work for Terrace Landscapes, Pools, Planters, Water Bodies, etc.

We undertake Metal & mural works, Patios, Gazebos, Pergola, Trellis, Screening & Feature walls, Elevations, Signages, etc.

Art Works with any material and medium.

02.Metal & Mural Works

Metal & Mural Works


Decking, Carpentry & Wood Works

We undertake Decking, Carpentry & Wood work for Pergolas, Patios, Deck, Seaters, etc.

All FRP/GFRC works for Urns, Pots, Planters, Art work, Jalis, Screens, Seaters, Feature walls, etc.

We undertake all land development, grading, planting works.

We adopt very scientific & functional practice in terms of soil preparation, soil engineering keeping a conscious effort on the environmental upgradation, using all Bio & Organic based additives for planting as well as post planting protective care.

Specialized in Tree Transplanting of any sizes, with maximum success ratio in the industry.

Specialists of Miyawaki Forest.

Creative green wall system & Bio walls.


Softscape Works


Waterscape Works

We develop Water bodies, Fountains, Cascades – Bio ponds & Lakes with all automated requirements, including required filtration system.

Undertake all automated system for Filtration, Bio filtration, Aerators, Underwater lighting, Musical system.

All kinds of Swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Water pavilions, etc.

We do professional Irrigation works, having an In-house team to design, detail & execute scientific landscape irrigation system with Sub-Surface & Surface Irrigation options.

We provide solutions for fully automated Irrigation system for Landscapes, Terrace gardens, Bio walls, etc.


Irrigation System


Landscape Lighting

We do total landscape lighting solution, including design detailing for Accent, Functional & Security, Sports field lighting system as part of Landscape & External Development requirement

We have specialization in execution of different kind of Metal works for all landscape features such as pergolas, patios, gazebos, Trellis, Screening wall, feature walls, canopies, etc.

Sculpture & Art Installation – contemporary & abstract form with any medium such as Concrete, GRC, FRP, Metal (MS/ Corten Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminum), White Metal, Wood, etc.


Metal & Sculpture Works